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The best butcher this side of the Mississippi could break a bull down in the blink of a breakneck. With speeds of cutting matched only by the skill of his six shootin’ hair trigger.  One day it all came to a bitter halt when his fellow cutters, chopped him up and fed him to the pigs.  Now he’s back!  With a taste for torture and a touch of the dead bones.  Bound to a Voodoo hex of bone weaponry and on the hunt for revenge, redemption, and reckoning.  At dusk Oubliette is a ghost town, no evil can sleep, for the haunted night is possessed by…Butch Cleaver.

Our launch comic is ready to go! We have issue 1 available and issue 2 is coming soon!
Check back with us soon! meanwhile, check out our site and give us your feedback!
We are always looking for new talent, so hit us up!